Kirby Derby is Going Underground in 2017.

different date. different everything.
NO Soapbox Race on Kirby St This Year (Wha? yep. see below*)
Ask YOUR Kirby or Bilyeu Street Connection for details.

*No Kirby Derby Race?*

We are excited to say that, although we will not be hosting a race on Kirby St this year, we are working to bring the Kirby Derby Derby Race to a larger stage at a different time of year and a new incredible location. We will fill you in on details as they develop.

When is it?

Kirby Derby crowds have gotten a bit YUGE over the last few years. We have been super grateful and humbled by the incredible support, stories and pics we have received over the years, from both reputable and disreputable publishers. I mean, wow. It has been so great that we are a bit ill-equipped to handle the continued growth in popular demand of the event. Our goal is to bring it to the masses in a bigger, better, more public venue. All of that planning is in process and we will fill you in as soon as we have the details.

Our neighborhood will have bits of fun at a different time and at a smaller, more private size. Ask somebody in the hood for details.

Kirby Derby Underground: Back To Our Roots

Inspired by a number of things, starting with, of course, our idea to go underground, and at the same time, offer a public event at a public space later in the year.

Our current political environment brought up ideas about secret agents, shadow governments, embedded sources, etc. Our country relationship with Russia brings up past bunkers and shelters, which then brings us around to Vodka, and then to the speakeasy or the ideological version of that…a secret club or group where your identity is protected.

“Underground” as in gone into hiding, then evolved into the literal definition idea of  ground or earth, trees and roots and gardens and being good to it. Roots, and heritage comes from this definition of underground. Love a tree – or a tuber! a Potato or Turnip! a flower child or a green thumb or a green giant. a chicken or a rotating crop! Or a worm – or a computer worm, or a hacker…