Kirby Derby #17 is cancelled

We are sad to say that Kirby Derby is cancelled and will not take place Saturday.

Unfortunately, the one-two punch of Florence and Michael has been too much for us to overcome. This would have been the 17th Kirby Derby, and it is the first time we have ever cancelled or even considered cancelling. Although we were able to rally after Florence, the unexpected arrival of Michael in the last week further eroded the number of vendors, participants and volunteers able to attend. Combined with flooding, continued power outages, school outages, and an extremely uncooperative Mother Nature, we do not have what we need to put on a great and safe event.

We apologize to everyone who worked hard and were excited for tomorrow. We share your disappointment. We thank the city and Dorothea Dix Park for all their support and for working with us to try to make it happen. We look forward to making it awesome next year.