4:30 Tha Parade

photo: Marc Ridel Creative

It’s Fabulous. Fantastical. Fanatical.
It’s the Kirby Derby Day Parade!

The parade starts at 4:30pm-ish sharp. Line-up is at 4:00pm at Harvey Hill on Dorothea Dix Park. Specific Line-up location to be noted soon.

PLEASE NOTE: You must participate in the parade to enter the soapbox derby.

Registration is required. Read rules below and then click link to sign up.

Follow the Rules, Y’all.

  1. Remember, kids will be there, so keep it safe! 
  2. Parade entries must somehow relate to the Kirby Derby theme.
  3. The parade route has a decent hill and turns, so be sure you can navigate effectively and have the strength or power to get up a hill.
  4. Don’t make your float too too tall. We have electric lines, y’all.
  5. Any float or vehicle drivers must be sober and must be able to see out the front and both side windows.
  6. It is beneficial for large floats to have a person walking on each side to help navigate and keep spectators out of the way
  7. Parents need to keep children off of the street throughout the parade. Do not assume anyone else is watching over them. 
  8. If a parade entry is deemed unsafe, offensive or otherwise inappropriate, judges can refuse entry (this has never happened, but just sayin’)
  9. There will be a judging area on the route. Judging criteria has yet to be determined and will not be shared with the participants until the “awards” are given.

We can almost guarantee that awards will be decided based on judges moods and whims.