Bring your official Pinecar to the Derby and see how it stacks up! You know – like those Boyscout cars you made with your dad, accept he started getting all OCD on you and only let you put a sticker on top so you could say you helped? We’re a stickler for the rules – but the rules are different than boy scouts – so pay attention to make sure your car qualifies.

Registration is required. Read rules below.

As always, we don’t know how many participants to expect. We need registration ahead of time, and we ask you to expect a bit of…chaos. Stay tuned.


Your car must be built from a block of wood and wheels etc that is essentially the same as official “Boy Scouts of America” Pinewood Derby kits. It does not have to literally be BSoA branded. There are many kits on Amazon and Michaels craft stores that follow the BSoA kit.
You must check-in ahead of the race.
In 2023, Race is at 3:30 and Racers check in is at 3pm 

Following are the inspection points

  1. The car weight shall not exceed 10.0 ounces (NOTE: this weight is double what some Cubscout racers used to be).
    The official race scale shall be considered final. Weight may be added to the car and will be considered part of the car for
    purposes of all measurements. All additions must be securely fastened to the car, e.g. by permanent glue, nails or screws,
    but not by “sticky substances”, e.g. tape, or tack spray. Weights shall be passive, i.e.
    non-moveable, non-magnetic, non-electric, non-sticky, etc.
  2. The overall length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.
  3. The overall width of the car shall not exceed 2 ¾ inches.
  4. The car must have 1 ¾” clearance between the wheels.
  5. The car must have 3/8” clearance underneath the body.
  6. The wood provided in the kit must be used. The block may be shaped any way that is desired.
  7. The wheels supplied with the kit must be used.The wheels may not be cut, drilled, beveled or rounded. You may remove the seam from the wheels.
  8. The car must not ride on any type of springs.
  9. The car must be freewheeling, with no starting devices.
  10. If, during a race, a car leaves the track without interfering with its opponent, it shall be considered to have ended its heat at that point.
  11. If a car leaves its lane, at its sole discretion, the track chairman may inspect the track and,
    if a track fault is found which probably caused the initial violation, the track chairman may order the race to be rerun after the track is repaired.
  12. If, during a race, no car reaches the finish line on the track, the car that went the farthest in its lane shall be declared as the heat winner.
  13. If, during a race, a car leaves its lane and, in so doing, interferes with another racer,
    then the car at fault shall be removed from the track and the race shall be rerun with the remaining cars.
  14. Only one car may be registered by any person in the Pinewood Derby.
  15. Lubricants that may foul the track are prohibited.
  16. All racers must take in stride that this is for fun. Please keep in mind, should you disagree with rules or results, that everything is done in the spirit of fun rather than hardened competition.

Each car must pass inspection by the official race inspector, Blind Willy, before it will be allowed to compete.

The Inspector has the responsibility to disqualify those cars that do not meet these specifications.
The Inspector has the responsibility to disqualify a car if it is found to have made modifications after passing the inspection.