5:30 Soap Box Derby

It’s Fast and Furious!
It’s the Kirby Derby…Derby!

Do you have what it takes to race? Can you navigate the hairpin turn, and beat your opponent? Get your team together, build your vehicle and join the fun!

Registration is required.
Participation in Kirby Derby Parade, Saturday at 4:30pm (4:00 line-up) is also required in order to race.

Read rules below and then click link to sign up.

5:30pm, Dorothea Dix Park, Harvey Hill

Registration is required.
Participation in Kirby Derby Parade, Saturday at 4:30pm (4:00 line-up) is also required in order to race.

Read rules below and then click link to sign up.

THE RULES – for real y’all.

Registration is required.

If you’re a thrill seeking adult (in age only) with at least a bit of self preservation and common sense – AND – if you’ve got at least 3 wheels, no more than 2 riders, seat(s) for the rider(s), a steering mechanism, working brakes (!), a helmet, and no motor or pedals (gravity only, y’all) – AND – you read and adhere to the rules below, you basically have what it takes to enter the official Kirby Derby.

The Derby is an adult event, as the curves of the track and the racers themselves can be very unpredictable.


  1. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Only properly registered racers will be allowed to race.
  2. ADULTS 18+ years old ONLY
  3. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! You are solely responsible for your own safety, the safety of your team, and you are responsible for the safety of anyone who comes in contact with your vehicle (and make sure your health insurance is up to date)
  4. We encourage PRACTICE RUNS. The car, car pusher and race-driver should all participate in a practice run. We may not be able to schedule this at the actual course, but stay tuned, we will try. PLEASE DO NOT practice at the course unless it is scheduled. The area is a working space for many park vehicles during the work day, and is also travelled by visitors at all times.
  5. PARTICIPATION IN PARADE REQUIRED to race. Parade lineup is at 4:30 (but that could change).
  6. The vehicle should include creative decor that represents the current year’s theme of Kirby Derby.
  7. Helmets must be worn. Real bike helmets or better – NOT homemade.
  8. The vehicle must have working brakes (your shoes are not brakes)
  9. The vehicle must have at least 3 wheels
  10. The vehicle must have a steering mechanism
  11. No motor, pedals or other elements beyond gravity to move the car forward  – this is a gravity-only vehicle
  13. Any rider must be behind the steering column and/or the front wheel(s) – we realize some vehicles are made in a way where this rule needs to be interpreted. The purpose of this rule is for protection of the riders. We want people to protect themselves. A rider’s body or head should NOT be the first thing to receive impact if there is a wreck. Please don’t put yourself in the position to fling headfirst by sitting out front as a hood ornament or doing the old “riding on the handlebars” thing we did as kids.
  14. Racer and car must be ready when called to race. Race position is forfeited if not available at time racer is called. All racers should be at the starting line by 5:45pm (subject to change – pay attention)
  15. A push-off is allowed but no other power enabler (i.e. no pedals)
  16. The vehicle might need to be pulled in order to get back to the starting line or to walk the parade. There should be something on the front or back to enable a tow rope, and the whole car should be strong enough so it doesn’t break apart and get strung along the path like a yard sale.
  17. The body of the vehicle must be made with a healthy dose of common-sense-safety for riders AND for spectators. If your car hits someone, will it impale them? If so, please redesign it. The body of the vehicle must also not put the driver/rider in a vulnerable situation. Example: in a previous year, a car was made of sheet-metal with a hole cut out of top to stick head up through. Don’t do that, y’all!
  18. Judges maintain the right to refuse a car from the race if it is deemed unsafe, offensive or otherwise inappropriate (this has never happened…but just sayin’ we’re goin’ a bit more legit these days). Ultimately, however, this safety and the judgement thereof is the responsibility of the car owner.

Remember, winning is in the eye of the beholder (race judge), who might just not be paying attention at the time. You gotta take wins, losses and fairness in stride and with a lot of salt.

The course starts at the top intersection of Richardson and Tate, goes downhill and around 2 curves on Richardson, ending on the straightaway before it gets back to the second Tate intersection. Here’s a google street view link (note: many of the buildings showing on street view are no longer there)